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PPMG Introduces iPhone & Mobile Phone Development

Posted on August 16th, 2009

PPMG is pleased to announce the introduction of iPhone Application Development and Mobile Strategy as part of the company’s core competencies. Over one billion downloads demonstrates the value, ease of user accessibility and adoption, as well as the huge opportunity our clients have within the app store.

We understand that due to the growing number of applications available, fresh approaches to innovative marketing and product awareness are important. This is why we also offer microsite design and development services to promote each application. Microsites give each product promotional exposure outside of the confines of the app store.

Our team includes 2D and 3D animators and mobile-UI Designers. PPMG is always striving to differentiate our clients’ products with a unique combination of features, strategy, and execution.

We see the tremendous value this new product offering affords our clients and are thrilled to be a part of the growing mobile movement. PPMG exploits this new medium and its capabilities to provide excellence and innovation in all of our iPhone Application design and development.

Review a case study of one of our latest iPhone projects.

iPhone Application Development / Mobile Strategy
. Entertainment and Utility Application Development
. 3D and 2D Animation
. Storyboarding
. Script writing

. Accelerometer
. Dash-code and X-code
. GPS Maps API
. Streaming Video and Audio
. In Game Voice Use