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Kate O'Neil Perfect Pixels Seattle K A T E   O ' N E I L
Project Management

Kate brings a rich and diverse producing/project management portfolio to PPMG. She has over 15 years of experience producing events, print, and electronic media. She contracted at Microsoft Studios for several years producing training videos, presentations, and sales tools for online and CD/DVD delivery. Kate has also held the roles as a Content Manager for the Microsoft Partner Group website, Product Manager for MSN/Live Mobile, Producer for the International E-Books Awards website, and Project Manager for campaign specific deliverables for PEMCO and Rabanco. Kate has also worked in boutique agencies that served as incubators for .coms and other innovative start-ups.

Her long tenure in the new-media world has allowed her to understand the evolution of brand, interactive media, user-centric design, content development, and appropriate new technologies in the digital realm. She is results-driven, proactive and has a deep understanding of audience-driven design.