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David Evans Perfect Pixels Seattle D A V I D   E V A N S   P H . D .
Usability Director

David provides advanced statistical research on social media, development of personality applications and ad targeting, and publishing original research. He uses a methodology of psychographic segmentation and targeting algorithms, multivariate online surveys, online usability testing, and applying psychological theory to answer design questions. These experiences will be invaluable to honing the design of the site to audience expectations.

David has overseen over 200 usability tests for clients including All Recipes, the University of Washington, Microsoft and Readers Digest. David is commissioned to review published studies and books, and analyzing a wealth of data on online impressions, personality and online behavior, machine learning, online identities, social marketing, and online video. He has also authored and published four white papers on the user psychography and motivations and user behavior.

As a Ph.D. in social psychology in the age of social media, David has enjoyed fascinating experiences as a Professor at Union College, a Beta Program Manager and Satisfaction Researcher at Microsoft, and a Sr. Business Analyst at Classmates. He brings these varied experiences to his work generating insightful, actionable analysis.