<span class="titleText">Gartner</span> <span class="subTitleA">EXPERIENCE PRIOR TO PPMG</span> <span class="subTitleB">ORDER FROM CHAOS</span> <body>David O'Higgins while at Enterprise IG worked was challenged by Gartner to redefine their brand system. We have entered the age of information overload and the meaning of “intelligence” has changed, It’s not about how much you know.; it’s about what you can envision. It’s about taking all possibilities into account and the ability to see the endgame, in simple terms. In his ‘Optiks’, Newton observed light. He scrutinized its behavior through microscopes, lenses, telescopes. He found that light projects an image in the human mind which forms an inner vision. This is why ‘to see’ means ‘to understand’. At Gartner, David O'Higgins took complex levels of information, and created a brand that reflects a clear vision. While others make decisions based on what they think they know, Gartner’s clients base their decisions on what they can see.<body>
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