title><span class="titleText">Hewlett Packard</span> <span class="subTitleA">EXPERIENCE PRIOR TO PPMG</span> <span class="subTitleB">HUMAN POTENTIAL</span> <body>David O'Higgins while at Enterprise IG was asked, "What does the HP brand mean and what role does it play in driving business?" As the HP organization evolves into a decentralized model, it is crucial that the HP brand is understood internally. We were asked to identify how the brand might be redefined with greater humanist and aspirational significance. HP customers have a vision of a better life for themselves and others. They want to experience the best things in life but not in a selfish, materialist, or egotistical way. They may dream but they are doers. The Human Potential campaign conveyed that internally and externally for a holistic brand extension that furthered HP’s business goals.<body>
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