<span class="titleText">American Express</span> <span class="subTitleA">EXPERIENCE PRIOR TO PPMG</span> <span class="subTitleB">INTO THE BLUE </span> <body>Now, American Express is one of the most respected brands in the world, but in 1998, it needed new products that would excite an upcoming generation of young professionals. While at Siegel & Gale, Jason Levine and David O'Higgins helped with the creative team there to elevate the American Express card design to an art form by recommending a transparent, minimalist design that was stylistically in tune with the aesthetics of the target audience. It brought the brand into the 21st century by incorporating innovative security technologies and account management options with a smart chip. Amex Blue from American Express was a dramatic example of design innovation and a clear departure from other cards. Its design and functionality created an iconic brand. First year application rates were up 20-30% above expectations.<body>
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