<span class="titleText">Flutter</span> <span class="subTitleA">EXPERIENCE PRIOR TO PPMG</span> <span class="subTitleB">BUILT FOR SPEED</span> <body>Jason Levine was hired to help rearchitect and rebrand Flutter- a person to person betting site that was floundering againsts its competition. Flutter.com's move to support a Chinese version required working with a series of focus groups and translators to effectively communicate the concept of person-to-person betting to a foreign audience. The new design dramatically increased market share from 8% to over 30% in less than three months. The original version was a tedious interface, requiring the user to step through six separate pages to complete a bet. The new interface limited the steps to three on a single screen. Another key change was to provide a separate view for novice and experienced users.<body>
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