The challenge was to convey meaning to an undermined legacy brand. The solution needed to be distinguishable and resonate with its 42 million customers while not risking $70 million in user generated revenue. The new design focused strictly on school and nostalgia, while introducing a more contemporary and extensible system.

Hired in 2004 to improve the user experience and brand, I led a team of 10 to increase consumer awareness with a new, distinguishable system of interface design, information architecture, branding, promotional material, icons, buttons, and graphics. The consistent use of these graphic systems significantly increased the value and user engagement on the site, including:

  • a 140% increase in registrations
  • 50% increase on per-user time spent on the site
  • 30% increase in user generated content
  • 25% increase in conversions to paid membership
  • 20% increase in opens via email click-through